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Renovation – chapel

By Herb Zabel / September 24, 2020 /

The progress has been steady, the complications few, and the completion is in view! As we have been progressing in the actual work of our renovations of the kids space, there is another area of building 200 that has still been churning through design questions. The old chapel that is attached to building 200, has stained glass, and is closest to Church street has always been reserved for our communications team. In the early phases we were trying to determine…

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Renovation – Infrastructure

By Herb Zabel / August 16, 2020 /

The beginning phases of construction are never glamorous. In the picture above you see a newly constructed block wall and some metal studs with water lines and pipes inside. Yet these beginning stages are crucial to the finish project. For example, the block wall is a structural wall that will support the floor above it after we have cut a large whole to allow the new platform lift to reach both floors. The metal wall contains the plumbing necessary for…

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Renovation – Bathrooms

By Herb Zabel / August 6, 2020 /

Some of you may know that many moons ago the intention was to replace the carpet, slap on some new paint, and install some bathrooms and be call it a day. This was the bare minimum that we needed to get building 200 operational. As we began pulling back layers and exploring wasted costs it became clear that to save money we actually needed to spend more upfront. So we went from a bathroom and a face-lift, to full on…

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Renovation – July 30th

By Herb Zabel / July 30, 2020 /

Make way for the lift!!! This is a picture of the major work being done to provide lift access to all three levels of the 200 building. One of the unique things about this building is how it somewhat embodies a 1970’s split level house. The chapel, soon to be our communications department, was originally built in the early 70’s. Some time later the two-level building and courtyard were added on. However, because of the strange topography of our lot,…

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Gospel Works in Our Work to Realign Us

By Herb Zabel / January 15, 2020 /

The fact of the matter is…WORK is a four-letter word. The Bible tells us not to let any unwholesome talk come from our mouths, but every morning we wake up, say goodbye to our loved ones and utter the dastardly phrase, “I’m off to WORK!” We call ourselves Christians and Christ-followers, but we use this four-letter word like the lead actor in a Quentin Tarantino film. Work, work, work! The research shows that 54% of Americans are happy with their…

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A Heart Check in Worship

By Herb Zabel / November 21, 2019 /

Which emotion is the easiest to surface when watching a movie or reading a book? For me, it’s laughter. I love to laugh and I love humor of all kinds. I can cry happy tears watching slap-stick comedy like the Elf, or I can get laughter side stitches listening to sarcastic comedians like Jerry Seinfeld. If it is remotely funny, I will probably be laughing. Tears of sadness, however, are very reluctant to fall from my face. On rare occasions,…

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