Giving to Cumberland

At Cumberland, we never pass a plate or bucket to collect a tithe. Giving your money to support the local and global ministry is to be done with joy, not a guilt-filled obligation. At any time during a worship service, members of Cumberland are encouraged to give through our Joy Boxes.

You may also give electronically through our E-Give Joy Box to the right.

Checks may be mailed to:
P.O. Box 813217, Smyrna, GA 30081-8217


Support Global Missions

At Cumberland, we take the call to “go to the nations” seriously, but we are strategic in our approach once we get there. We believe that each community should direct its own development. Every community has different needs and in most cases, local residents have a much better understanding of these needs than those on the outside. To ensure that our ministries are relevant and will have a long-term impact, we pursue programs and projects based on local community leaders’ requests and invitation.


The Collective at Cumberland

The Collective at Cumberland is a strategic network of partners from government, business, education, and both faith and non-faith-based organizations that are dedicated to restoring the community through employment, education and social development.

Our staff, volunteers and community partners are committed to building genuine, interdependent relationships with the individuals and families we serve in Cobb County. Through care, compassion and dignity, we offer assistance in developing a sustainable plan of action to restore wholeness in their lives.