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Are You Shrewd Enough?

By Cumberland / November 18, 2023 /

Have you ever been FIRED from a job before? Maybe you’re thinking, “Court, please don’t remind me!” Or, maybe you are on the opposite extreme. Maybe you view being fired as something that is completely unthinkable for you. Or maybe you own your own business, and therefore, work holds a completely different framework for you. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of being relieved of responsibility in some way. So, whether you have an actual boss, or just customers – there is accountability…

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Nice Car Parked In Front of Mansion

The Real Way to Become Rich

By Cumberland / November 11, 2023 /

What if I told you that God wants you to be rich? I’m sure there would be a mixture of thoughts and feelings you might have in response to that statement! You might just roll your eyes at me, and think about the many unfortunate stories of churches taking advantage of people with promises that God will trade His wealth for their faith. I certainly understand that concern. However there is a perspective that recalibrates our understanding of God’s intention for…

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Renovation Update – May 6, 2022

By Kyle Nighman / May 12, 2022 /

Hello, Cumberland Family! Here’s a quick update on our renovation project: Window and glass installation in Building 100 is underway! Four of the six frames on the ground level require complete demolition due to the windows being modified with a brick infill. Water damage and some other great surprises were discovered once the frames were exposed. So prior to storefront installation, the window frames must be repaired and waterproofed. Once this is completed, the brick will be relaid, and you…

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Renovation Update – March 2022

By Kyle Nighman / March 21, 2022 /

Hello, Cumberland family! Here’s a quick update on our renovation project: Window and glass installation is still up next. We are replacing all the remaining windows and glass doors in Building 100 (the main part of the building that you see from South Cobb Drive). This will match the installation that you see currently in Discovery Park (Kids Ministry building) and our Communications studio. Work was scheduled to begin this week, but it has been delayed due to external factors…

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Renovation – chapel

By Herb Zabel / September 24, 2020 /

The progress has been steady, the complications few, and the completion is in view! As we have been progressing in the actual work of our renovations of the kids space, there is another area of building 200 that has still been churning through design questions. The old chapel that is attached to building 200, has stained glass, and is closest to Church street has always been reserved for our communications team. In the early phases we were trying to determine…

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Renovation – Infrastructure

By Herb Zabel / August 16, 2020 /

The beginning phases of construction are never glamorous. In the picture above you see a newly constructed block wall and some metal studs with water lines and pipes inside. Yet these beginning stages are crucial to the finish project. For example, the block wall is a structural wall that will support the floor above it after we have cut a large whole to allow the new platform lift to reach both floors. The metal wall contains the plumbing necessary for…

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Renovation – Bathrooms

By Herb Zabel / August 6, 2020 /

Some of you may know that many moons ago the intention was to replace the carpet, slap on some new paint, and install some bathrooms and be call it a day. This was the bare minimum that we needed to get building 200 operational. As we began pulling back layers and exploring wasted costs it became clear that to save money we actually needed to spend more upfront. So we went from a bathroom and a face-lift, to full on…

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Renovation – July 30th

By Herb Zabel / July 30, 2020 /

Make way for the lift!!! This is a picture of the major work being done to provide lift access to all three levels of the 200 building. One of the unique things about this building is how it somewhat embodies a 1970’s split level house. The chapel, soon to be our communications department, was originally built in the early 70’s. Some time later the two-level building and courtyard were added on. However, because of the strange topography of our lot,…

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God Is Not Quarantined

By Courtney Harkness / March 26, 2020 /

I know someone who is not in quarantine. I know someone who is not “social distancing.” I know someone who wants to use this crisis to move closer to people rather than farther away from them. He alone is our hope. More specifically, His mission is OUR mission.And while we scramble to figure out what to do, He continues to do what He has always done! And that is saving the world from sin, not just the coronavirus. Therefore, for those who belong to…

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How to know the difference between Fear and Wisdom

By Courtney Harkness / March 12, 2020 /

It seems like the whole world is in a complete panic over our newest friend, the Coronavirus. I just found out that March Madness is going to be a little less “mad” this year, with no fans. And the NBA is suspended. Bummer for basketball junkies like me. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to see past the urgency of the moment, and I will try to avoid criticism of the response. However, the entire ordeal raises a significant question: Are these precautions…

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