Renovation – chapel

The progress has been steady, the complications few, and the completion is in view!

As we have been progressing in the actual work of our renovations of the kids space, there is another area of building 200 that has still been churning through design questions. The old chapel that is attached to building 200, has stained glass, and is closest to Church street has always been reserved for our communications team. In the early phases we were trying to determine if remodeling that space immediately was necessary and helpful to our vision. With the increase in video production and our desire to always have an online service, it became very clear how important it was to give our communications team a new home with all the bells and whistles. As we talked through what was needed, and what would allow the space to be used in the best possible manner, we had to take a bit more time in our designing. However, it is with great celebration that I communicate that we are moving forward. The old ceiling grid has been removed in the old chapel. (see attached picture) The old ductwork and lights were taken down and thrown out. The space is being prepared for new sound proof walls, insulated high-vaulted ceilings, sealed concrete floors, new windows and new doors. The space is going to keep its old chapel charm, but get a bit of an industrial face lift to make it an inviting and highly creative atmosphere.

In addition to the interior work, the plumbers have been actively fixing all or our sewer issues outside of the building. New drain lines have been installed with proper drainage slope and a long lasting material. There is an existing sceptic tank that will be emptied, collapsed, and backfilled. The plumbers are also replacing some of the older water line material that has become brittle under the ground. The new material should ensure water supply to our renovated building for years to come.

The final picture shows that the door frames have been installed and all the masonry block openings have been filled. This final step for the walls will allow the contractor to begin hanging the new ceiling grid. The ceiling grid will secure the lights in position and move us one step closer to a more complete and inviting building.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly!

Thank you,

Herb Zabel



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