Local and Global Philosophy of Ministry

We want to be a church that serves and makes a real difference in the world. We are completely unsatisfied with the status quo of simply GOING to church, and we are intent on BEING the Church. Jesus taught that his church should serve as the light of the world, which means that we must be willing to take our shine wherever there is darkness. As such, we cannot be content with simply serving each other on Sunday, or even serving in our own neighborhood the remainder of the week. There is a lost world that needs the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it is our mission to get it to them.

Global Missions

At Cumberland, we take the call to “go to the nations” seriously, but we are strategic in our approach once we get there. We believe that each community should direct its own development. Every community has different needs and in most cases, local residents have a much better understanding of these needs than those on the outside. To ensure that our ministries are relevant and will have a long-term impact, we pursue programs and projects based on local community leaders’ requests and invitation. This process also helps to organize and train local leadership in decision-making, which is critical for the sustainability and well-being of future generations. 


Where We're Involved

  • Kenya
  • Greece
  • India
  • College Campuses
  • Local Schools
  • Urban Ministry

To learn more how you can get involved in any one of our Global and Local missions opportunities, contact Pastor Rob Irvine here!


Ministry Through Being Present

While we depend on and greatly appreciate financial gifts, we believe that the gift of presence is uniquely transformational. Through time together, volunteers and communities build mutually enriching relationships, impacting both locally and globally.

Local Missions

Cumberland ministries primarily focus on restoration efforts. This is an important distinction from the rescue efforts that are a focal point in many ministries. We work long term in communities, empowering them to reach their full potential. Cumberland has a rich history in the community using an integrated approach that includes education, job training and spiritual development. By investing in our own community through the years, we strive to see permanent and total transformation.


The Collective at Cumberland

The Collective at Cumberland, a partnership for change is a strategic network of faith and non-faith based organizations that are committed to restoring communities through education, employment, and social skills development. Dignity and respect are at the core of everything we do.

Holistic Engagement: intentionally engaging every individual as a holistic being with social, familial, emotional, spiritual, and vocational dimensions.

Capacity Building: strengthening and developing the abilities, skills, and resources that individuals and communities already possess.

Outcome-Oriented Strategies:  identifying foundational issues and deploying tactics that are relational, participatory and impact-oriented.

Community Development: we believe that community transformation occurs by addressing the totality of individual, systemic, economic, and structural barriers.