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You should experience the Kingdom of God at church. 

At Cumberland, we aim to fully reflect the Kingdom through loving each other one at a time, feeding each other the Word of God, connecting each other to God through prayer & worship, and motivating each other to serve.

And as a multi-ethnic and multi-generational church, that means you have a place here. Come see.

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Teaching Series "An Interview with God"

If you had a private audience with God, what would you ask Him?

Would your questions focus on satisfying your own will?
Or would you seek to understand God’s ways?

The book of Habakkuk offers the intriguing narrative of a peculiar prophet. The prophet role is generally meant to communicate God’s answers to the people - but instead, Habakkuk has his own questions for the Lord. How do you reconcile a fallen, wicked world with a good and powerful Creator? And why must we deal with all the problems of this world if God can just solve them?

For many, just like the prophet Habakkuk, our faith is resting delicately on our fragile expectations for the Lord. But soon enough, we’ll discover that God’s perfect will considers so much more than just our tiny perspective.

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