Through the Gospel of Jesus

Let's Grow, Together.

You should experience the Kingdom of God at church. 

At Cumberland, we aim to fully reflect the Kingdom through loving each other one at a time, feeding each other the Word of God, connecting each other to God through prayer & worship, and motivating each other to serve.

And as a multi-ethnic and multi-generational church, that means you have a place here. Come see.

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Location - 3059 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna GA


Fam Jam is here!

June 3 • July 15 • August 12

Join us for an epic summer adventure for you and your elementary-aged kids!

Fam Jam - Ready, Set, Move! is an experience specifically designed for elementary students and their parents to experience God together! During this 3-part campus experience and 2-part community gathering, elementary students and their parents will encounter shared moments, community connection, and a journey of faith - all with God at the center!

Volunteer Squad

This will be our first Fam Jam at Cumberland, and we're so excited to have parents participating alongside their students all summer long!

The only way to pull off an amazing event like this is if YOU join us! We need everyone's help to make Fam Jam a smashing success like our summer events have always been!

Click below for more info and to get signed up to help guide families on an incredible journey!

Latest Message

Teaching Series "Follow the Leader"

Become a better follower of Jesus.

Many of us remember the children's game "follow the leader." The objective was to enhance a child's ability to listen and follow directions as they copy the actions of the leader. It's a great example of how we are called to follow the lead of Jesus in our daily lives. In doing so, we show ourselves to be true disciples of Jesus and come to fulfill the purpose he has for our lives.

In the "Follow the Leader" series, we travel through the Gospels and trace the steps of Jesus as he walks with the initial twelve disciples. As we do, we learn how to follow his lead and live as his disciples.

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