Through the Gospel of Jesus

Let's Grow, Together.

You should experience the Kingdom of God at church. 

At Cumberland, we aim to fully reflect the Kingdom through loving each other one at a time, feeding each other the Word of God, connecting each other to God through prayer & worship, and motivating each other to serve.

And as a multi-ethnic and multi-generational church, that means you have a place here. Come see.

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Location - 3059 South Cobb Drive, Smyrna GA

The Porch - Young Adults

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Current Series "Good News about the Good News"

The gospel is not only the central message of Christianity, it is also the only solution for the terminal condition of humanity. It seems that our free will has, ultimately, left us in chains. We are all condemned by our sin.

But no need to worry - because Jesus came to the rescue!

And while the responsibility of the Church is to communicate this message, so often the news we share falls short of being “good.” As we lean towards religion, our tendency is to receive the good news, and then look for better news to add to it.

New Resource - RightNow Media!

New Resource - RightNow Media!

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In Person - 8:00 AM / 10:00 AM / 12:00 PM

Online Interactive Service - 9:00 AM

On Demand - 9:00 AM

ENCOUNTER Middle School - 10:00 AM

ELEVATE High School - 5:00 PM