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God Is Not Quarantined

By Courtney Harkness / March 26, 2020 /

I know someone who is not in quarantine. I know someone who is not “social distancing.” I know someone who wants to use this crisis to move closer to people rather than farther away from them. He alone is our hope. More specifically, His mission is OUR mission.And while we scramble to figure out what to do, He continues to do what He has always done! And that is saving the world from sin, not just the coronavirus. Therefore, for those who belong to…

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How to know the difference between Fear and Wisdom

By Courtney Harkness / March 12, 2020 /

It seems like the whole world is in a complete panic over our newest friend, the Coronavirus. I just found out that March Madness is going to be a little less “mad” this year, with no fans. And the NBA is suspended. Bummer for basketball junkies like me. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to see past the urgency of the moment, and I will try to avoid criticism of the response. However, the entire ordeal raises a significant question: Are these precautions…

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Can we trust The Bible?

By Courtney Harkness / November 14, 2019 /

More and more, it seems that society rejects notions of traditional authority and anything that presents itself as an absolute. Unfortunately, this wave of postmodernism holds specific implications for the church, as believers continue to succumb to criticism concerning the authority of scripture. Can we trust this old book? That’s the question that gets louder and louder in this generation. As a result, many have accepted the word of the Lord as a mere suggestion, rather than a divine imperative.…

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