Can we trust The Bible?

More and more, it seems that society rejects notions of traditional authority and anything that presents itself as an absolute. Unfortunately, this wave of postmodernism holds specific implications for the church, as believers continue to succumb to criticism concerning the authority of scripture. Can we trust this old book? That’s the question that gets louder and louder in this generation.

As a result, many have accepted the word of the Lord as a mere suggestion, rather than a divine imperative. Most find little reason to trust the bible, beyond the few passages with which they already agree.

Therefore, this week, we’ll do more than just speak from the bible – we’ll need to talk about the book itself. Clarity is needed on why we can and should trust the bible, and for every other objection, we’ll simply offer correction.

Join us this week, and we’ll remember why this book – the bible – is still the best one of all.

See you on Sunday!

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