Loving One At A Time

Much of this week has been spent with a good portion of our Cumberland’s staff in Dallas, Texas. We attended the 2019 Mosaix Multiethnic Church Conference.  THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY.

What a privilege to gather with other churches who represent 20% of evangelical churches that God has graced with diversity. The gathering look liked heaven on earth as we took our fill from speakers like Albert Tate, Bryan Lorrits, Ed Stetzer, Mark Deymaz, and Dr. John Perkins.

Cumberland has been given God’s tremendous favor to work and struggle and pray for unity in our diversity—love in our messy and many ethnicities.  Noemi Chavez said (my paraphrase because she spoke so very fast), “We want to do what God wants us to do next, but we are afraid it’s gonna cost us.  Multiethnic ministry will cost us, but if we are willing to live in messy space – the Gospel will regain the credibility of it actually being for ALL.”

As I have listened to so many great speakers and gained insights and strategies to help lead our multiethnicity back in Atlanta, I’m struck how the real battle is more for the Gospel than it is for multiethnicity. The strategy is really more about loving people one at a time than mere strategy.

After having my fill this week, I’m so thankful I get to teach our vision this Sunday. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to challenge us beyond but inclusive of being multiethnic – but mainly to love ALL people one at a time. If we love ALL with the power of the Gospel, we can’t help but be multiethnic. We will someday achieve this vision of Revelation 7:9 – of worshipping our Lord as one in our grand diversity of different tribes, nations, and people groups.

On Sunday, we’ll take a look at how Jesus loved people one at a time. It’s a perfect place to start.  Gaining insight into how Jesus loved the ever-popular and always messy Zacchaeus, is incredibly motivating. I’m pumped for our second Sunday in our new, transitional building. Last Sunday was amazing. This week will dig into Luke 19:1-10.

See you Sunday at 3049 South Cobb Drive — 9 & 11 a.m.



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