Moving In!

Deciding to sell and move is one massive adventure. Moving in is quite another.

The day of moving in is exciting. The kids pick their rooms. The furniture placement is decided. The hope of a future packed with memories is waiting to be lived out.

And then there are the boxes. There’s the unpacking. More boxes. Dings in the wall from bringing the piano through the front door. More boxes. Finding something previously packed becomes God’s grand way to build Kingdom patience. The stuff you need immediately is the most elusive. The things you could care less about are staring at your with every opened box. All is not perfect, but you’re moving into your new home. What a great day.

Moving in.

That’s what we’ll be doing on Sunday. We’ll be in our new, 3059 South Cobb transitional building at 9 & 11 a.m. Do you have any idea how wonderful it is for me to write those words??!!

We may still have some boxes sitting around. A wall may have been dinged and needs repair. All will not be perfect, but we’re moving into our new home. It’ll be a great day.

What a great metaphor for us to pause on. We all have spiritual dings needing repair. We were never perfect, but Christ moved in anyway and called it home.

And as we walk out of our new transitional building, we’ll be staring at the old church property that needs renovating. It needs to be redeemed. Many would think the old church structure has seen her better days. But God will redeem this space for His glory on South Cobb and Church Street.

That’s another metaphor you can easily apply to your own life and the lives of people whom God will redeem through the efforts of Cumberland in the near future.

This Sunday, we’re moving in. We’ll be kicking off a new series called “Vision Works.” Appropriately, we’ll be highlighting redeemed messy people pointing other messy people to the Gospel of Jesus. I’m excited to teach our vision. I’m anxious to give some very practical application as to how our vision works within our church and in all of our lives. We’ll learn how to live “above the line.”

Don’t miss this! We’re moving in! Have I mentioned we’re moving in!!!??

And just before we move in on Sunday, we’ll throw a party for our new neighbors at our Neighborhood Block Party—2-6 p.m. this Saturday. Please sign up and help us party… dance… and laugh.  The good news of the Gospel encourages such behavior!  CLICK HERE to help.

See you soon.



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