A Heart Check in Worship

Which emotion is the easiest to surface when watching a movie or reading a book? For me, it’s laughter. I love to laugh and I love humor of all kinds. I can cry happy tears watching slap-stick comedy like the Elf, or I can get laughter side stitches listening to sarcastic comedians like Jerry Seinfeld. If it is remotely funny, I will probably be laughing. Tears of sadness, however, are very reluctant to fall from my face. On rare occasions, a dramatic scene or a touching moment may cause my eyes to glisten, but any tears I had for movies were spent when I saw Old Yeller for the first time.

In light of all this, I’m forced to think about the posture of my heart. Why do I have walls up for drama, but open gates for humor? More importantly, what is the posture of my heart when I walk into church on Sunday morning? Do I sit down with a guarded heart expecting the programming of the service to elicit emotion? Do the message and the music need to meet my perfect expectations before I can connect with God? Or why can I sit down in front of my TV and forget all my stress by the time I’ve pressed play on my Netflix selection; but then I can’t let go of things, that God himself is handling, to worship for 1 hour on Sunday?
This Sunday we will dig into the table leg: Connecting People to God through Prayer and Worship. We need to know what a church that prays and worships, the way God intended, looks like at Cumberland. How can we get out of our own way and place Him as the central focus of our Sunday…but also our everyday?  I hope you will join me this Sunday. I hope you will prepare your heart ahead of time so that we can be one body in prayer and in worship to our King.
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