The smells are starting to waft throughout the house. Seasoned stuffing is baking. Turkeys are being basted and fried. Bread is rising. I saw some cranberry sauce being mixed with walnuts, and it’s all beginning to fill the senses with anticipation. In fact, I’m getting hungry just writing this.

There are family members slowly making their way to southern Indiana, where our holiday of gratitude will culminate in an incredible feast.

Nobody will need to exert any energy to motivate me to participate. I am a willing and eager participant. To think otherwise is utterly ridiculous.

This past Sunday, I returned from a 10-day excursion through desperate parts of northern India (thank you for praying). Our team taught 250 young ministry students who will take the Gospel into dangerous regions of their India homeland. As our team faced wide-eyed and hungry young believers, we kept reminding ourselves how exceptionally motivated our young audience was. Their passion for Jesus was off the chain. Copious note taking, voracious scripture searching, and hanging on our every word was evidence of motivation.

I asked one of our Indian hosts and leaders, why the students were so motivated… and why, perhaps, some in America were not. My friend remarked, “In India, our stomachs are empty, and we are very hungry. In America, your stomachs are full, and so you are not hungry.” I wondered what our stomachs are filled with. Junk food? Maybe? Hmmm.

Before our conference ended, 38 students went through a graduation/commissioning ceremony. These young men were finishing a year-long training course that would send them back to their Hindu and Muslim villages were the Gospel becomes incredibly dangerous to peddle. Each graduate took a vow unto death as they were being sent out.

Motivation was simply not a problem. These heroes of faith were willing and eager participants. For them to think otherwise would be utterly ridiculous.

On Sunday, I want to challenge our motivation to serve. Our sobering text will be Matthew 24:31-46. I’m excited to teach and gather and measure our passion, love, and motivation for Jesus. My prayer is that our impetus to serve will flow as naturally as gravy on our turkey!

See you on Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m.!


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