Renovation – Bathrooms

Some of you may know that many moons ago the intention was to replace the carpet, slap on some new paint, and install some bathrooms and be call it a day. This was the bare minimum that we needed to get building 200 operational. As we began pulling back layers and exploring wasted costs it became clear that to save money we actually needed to spend more upfront. So we went from a bathroom and a face-lift, to full on renovations. As of today, our bathroom dreams are finally beginning to materialize. In the pictures below you will see the metal stud frames and drywall walls that are framing out 3 new bathrooms! Part of our challenge to using this building for our kids was that it did not have one single usable bathroom in the entire building! I’m not sure what the former tenants did, but we clearly needed access to some commodes.

Additionally a meeting was held to evaluate the progress of the overall project. The architect, GC, and Cumberland all walked the job validating completed work and confirming request for payment. The walk through ended in the future communication space where we discussed sound proof walls, thermal barriers for the ceiling, suspended lighting, duct line changes, and many more wonderful items that will lead us to a final communications department design. The architect took dubious notes and will have his finished drawings very soon.

The next big puzzle piece is also materializing as the Civil Engineer has finalized his preliminary drawings. The building team (GC, architect, and CCC) will be reviewing the plans to make sure everything is clear and covered. The plans are next sent to the city for approval. Once approved they will be priced out by the GC to include in our overall renovation project. At this time it looks like we will need to make the appropriate site changes to satisfy the Fire Marshall and ensure we can open building 300 on schedule. This is good news, it means we will have a new parking lot. No more loose asphalt or ugly looking utility poles. There will be better parking flow, curbs with landscaping, new lights and better drainage.

Praise God that we are able to make all these changes during such a strange season of ministry. Thank you for following us and supporting us on His mission. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at .

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