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Ending Strong to Begin Strong

By admin / December 29, 2017 /

I trust your Christmas season has been a good one. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing for everyone—but the reality of God with skin can sure be our life’s most motivating and rescuing factor. I know of some struggling marriages. I’m praying for the health of several whose reality is nothing short of desperate. However, Christmas is still good, because Jesus is. His presence through the warm glow of holiday gatherings or the harsh lights of hospitals is…

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How Far From The 99?

By admin / December 22, 2017 /

Last night, Sherry, Michael, and I served at The Table On Delk. This ministry is a grassroots effort helping women in the sex trafficking industry. The crime and the attempted rescue all happen in our backyard on Delk Road and I-75 in Marietta. The plan last night was to go caroling in the motel parking lots and invite women and children to The Table on Delk for a very nice Christmas dinner. As our group of 12 lifted up a…

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I’ve Got the Joy… Where?

By admin / December 1, 2017 /

Someone once said that if you want to get wet, you have to get close to water. If you want to get warm, you have to get close to the fire. If you want to get joy, you have to get close to the source. What’s your source of joy? Over 100 orphans have been sponsored thus far through spendless2givemore. Amazing. If one of those kids were suddenly plopped down into our western celebration of Christmas, what might they guess…

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The Critical Event

By admin / November 17, 2017 /

The shtuff was hitting the fan at home. Mom and Dad were going at it with words that would be hard to retract. By all indications, Dad was making his way through a classic mid-life crisis. Mom was frayed at every edge. Their twenty-four year marriage was crumbling, and so was my life. The idealistic 60’s slowly faded into the turbulent 70’s. My older brother was wearing peace sign shirts and sporting long hair. The chaos of our home meshed…

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The Big Day

By admin / November 10, 2017 /

“When’s the big day, Alan?” That familiar little phrase takes flight just prior to the big things in life. Your wedding day. Your big move. The birth of a child. A scheduled colonoscopy. (Sorry.) On Saturday, I’ll be performing the wedding of a great young couple at Cumberland. Zach and Hannah met at Valdosta State, and now their big day is at hand. They’ve been counting the days to this moment. Big days are exciting. They stir the soul. They…

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The Heart of the Matter

By admin / November 3, 2017 /

If I told you I was super-excited about Sunday’s message, would you think that was out of the ordinary for me? Would it sound like “blah, blah, blah” from the pastor’s Friday “blah, blah, blah” email? But what if, on Sunday, we were really getting down to the heart of the matter? What matters? The church. Jesus. Good news. “Sounds like blah, blah, blah to me, Pastor.” But most churches these days are stuck. There must be a reason why…

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The Colorless Tiger

By admin / October 27, 2017 /

Once upon a time, there was a colorless tiger. All his shades were greys, blacks and whites—so much so, that he seemed like something out of an old black and white movie. His lack of color had made him so famous that the world’s greatest painters came to his zoo to try to put some color on him. None of them succeeded, as the colors would always just drip down off his fur. Then along came Van Cough the crazy painter.…

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By admin / October 20, 2017 /

When you buy a jumbo all-beef hot dog at the Braves game for $6.50, and the thing is gone in three bites—you’re left with mustard on your face wondering, “Is that all there is? There must be more!” Remember when the last fireworks rocket had lit up Cinderella’s castle at Disney World and you paid $130 bucks to get in the gates? At this point, all you had left, besides a thimble full of sanity, is a throbbing headache. Don’t…

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Imitation Vinyl

By admin / October 13, 2017 /

The tag on the side of the displayed recliner read, “Imitation Vinyl.” I thought to myself, “This is either a really, really good recliner or not.” There are no flowery words for something that is fake, phony, bogus or a sham. Those who are fakers have spurious titles like charlatan, counterfeit, fraud, imposter, or quack. I’m not a huge fan of the imitation or fake stuff. Fake news blurs lines of authenticity. You should probably knock it off when considering…

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The View From Up Here

By admin / September 29, 2017 /

Because of Cobb County Schools’ Fall break this week, I was able to get away for a few days with the fam. We’ve been privileged to stay high atop a gorgeous mountain in Mineral Bluff, Ga. The air has been cooler here. The early morning coffee is richer. The morning conversations with the kids in the hot tub have been spectacular and funny. My connection to God at this altitude is good too. My journal entries are memorable. There’s a…

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