You can’t be a disciple with information only, and you can’t know what living is without mission.

Another Bible study, sermon, or check mark on your daily reading plan will not magically turn you into a disciple of Jesus. Remember, by definition; a serious disciple must make disciples. As much as people try, or believe in a tipping point of information to transform them into a disciple, it fails as a serious disciple-making strategy.

What’s needed is formation as much as information. With every sermon, a need for spiritual exercise is required. In the same way—with every bite of salad for a new year’s resolution, there’s a need for a 30-minute walk.

This is why January is Missions Month at Cumberland. All month we will be “understanding the times” in which we live. We live in a time when Christians must be more than informed. Jesus followers must also roll up their sleeves and be formed through mission and serving. THAT is where life begins to rock and roll.

On Sunday, my good friend (and former snoring, college roommate), Matt McGue, will be speaking. Matt has been with us several times before. He and his wife, Sara, planted ONE Church, an intentional multiethnic church in Jackson, MI. ONE Church is 65% African American, 25% Caucasian, and 15% Latino/immigrant. Those are amazing, God-numbers! Cumberland has been in a great partnership with Matt and his team, and we have learned much from ONE Church. Matt also has been mentored by our special friend, Dr. John Perkins! Matt has a great message of unity for Cumberland.

Next Sunday, January 14th, our special guest will be Susan Norris. Since 2010, Susan has been the founder and executive director of Rescuing Hope– in her fight against sex trafficking. As Susan shares with us at 9 & 11 a.m., she will focus on “Sex trafficking here and around the world.” You won’t want to miss this one. Due to the pointed and adult nature of content, parents are encouraged to have their small children in our kids ministries and not in the auditorium. AND… parents especially… Susan will be speaking at a luncheon after the 11 a.m. service. You will absolutely not want to miss the incredible help and information Susan will be giving in this interactive Q & A session.

Are you being formed and not just informed? Are you experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised—that comes through giving your life away? Are you on mission?

Let’s go, Cumberland!

Weekly Giving | 12/18 – 12/31/2017 $156,307
Weekly Need | $41,300

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