When you buy a jumbo all-beef hot dog at the Braves game for $6.50, and the thing is gone in three bites—you’re left with mustard on your face wondering, “Is that all there is? There must be more!”

Remember when the last fireworks rocket had lit up Cinderella’s castle at Disney World and you paid $130 bucks to get in the gates? At this point, all you had left, besides a thimble full of sanity, is a throbbing headache. Don’t you want to use your Mickey Mouse voice and scream, “Is that all there is? There must be more!”

A few years back I remember taking my young daughters to an Owl City concert. I was excited to go because I got into their song “Fireflies.” But the encore rolled around and still no “Fireflies.” When the familiar opening notes erupted, so did the audience. That’s when Owl City walked off stage and never actually sang their big song. It was but a cruel tease. I stood with the angry audience and demanded our “Fireflies.” Nothing. The house lights came up, and the whole thing was over. I couldn’t believe that’s all there was. Why wasn’t there more?

I’ve heard Christians mumble some of those same words as they’ve struggled through their pilgrim’s progress. A rich young ruler once asked Jesus how to get more. He knew there must be more than his religious doing and keeping commandments. He had done all of that, and the void was still banging against his soul.

In John 6, people are asking Jesus the same question. “Is that all there is?” They seem to be shouting, “There must be more!” Jesus gives them the answer to “there must be more,” and we’ll be taking a close look at this on Sunday. Our text will be John 6:26-29.

If you’ve ever wondered or mightily struggled with the “more” question, you should gather with us this Sunday. We’re getting together at 9 & 11 a.m. Don’t we know there must be more than just going to church, singing songs, and listening to The Fish? Don’t we know there must be more than our religious doing or not doing?

We’ve got some pretty cool Gospel answers come Sunday. I’m excited to teach. Bring a friend who’s looking for more too. See you soon!
– Alan

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