The Big Day

“When’s the big day, Alan?” That familiar little phrase takes flight just prior to the big things in life. Your wedding day. Your big move. The birth of a child. A scheduled colonoscopy. (Sorry.)

On Saturday, I’ll be performing the wedding of a great young couple at Cumberland. Zach and Hannah met at Valdosta State, and now their big day is at hand. They’ve been counting the days to this moment.

Big days are exciting. They stir the soul. They are photo-worthy days. Journals have logged many such days. Senior citizens reminisce about big days gone by. High school seniors dream about their big day of graduation.

How big is it when we gather on Sundays to collectively and individually hear from our Creator? We sing, pray, listen, and seek for Yahweh to draw us close. That’s a pretty big day, don’t you think?

This Sunday will be “the big day” for many. It’s our baptism Sunday. Many have been prayerfully considering this step of faith and obedience to be fully buried and submerged into Jesus (Romans 6:3-7).

This Sunday is also our second Sunday prayer time at 8:00 a.m. in the auditorium. There’s so much at stake within God’s Kingdom at Cumberland; our corporate prayer times are critical. Sunday will be a big day. I’d like for you to consider coming to join many others in prayer.

There’s also a very special luncheon at 12:30 to highlight our recent Greece team’s mission trip. Big things happened on this trip. God is using Greece in supernatural ways to reach Syrian refugees and Muslims. It’s strategically huge. Big. Maybe the largeness of mission will create a big vision within you as you listen to the stories. What if your big day happened in Greece some day?

“So, when’s the big day, Alan?”


We’ll finish up our landmark “Gospel-Centered Life” series. Decisions are going to be made.

When’s the big day for you? It could be Sunday.
See you then. Can’t wait to teach.



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