I’ve Got the Joy… Where?

Someone once said that if you want to get wet, you have to get close to water. If you want to get warm, you have to get close to the fire. If you want to get joy, you have to get close to the source.

What’s your source of joy?

Over 100 orphans have been sponsored thus far through spendless2givemore. Amazing.

If one of those kids were suddenly plopped down into our western celebration of Christmas, what might they guess to be our source of joy?

Stuff? Online shopping? Lights? Frenzy and stress?

At the peak of Black Friday this year, Americans were spending at a rate of $1 million a minute. On Cyber Monday, another $6.5 BILLION in spending set an unbelievable, historical record to mark our special holiday. But I drip sarcasm…

Did the massive spending bring more or less joy? What would you surmise?

At this time of year, psychologists typically begin talking about SAD (seasonal affective disorder). SAD can kick in when winter’s reduction in sunlight causes serotonin levels to drop, triggering depression in some individuals.

Whether from gross spending or SAD, there seems to be a real need for an injection of joy.

I’m betting you’ll run into someone needing some joy during the holidays. It could be a neighbor, a cashier, a late-night Amazon delivery person, or a frazzled mall Santa Claus.

With such a great need for joy during our rush towards Christmas, critical events are abounding and waiting for infusions of joy. As a Jesus follower, YOU’RE AT THE SOURCE!

The good news of the Gospel is a thing of pure joy. It’s time for us to do some “good news-ing” on joyless people.

So… will you?

Let’s gather on Sunday and continue talking about the Critical Event. Let’s challenge each other with some good news-ing. Our very cool text is Matthew 9:9-13.

Need a dose of joy yourself? Let’s gather at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. this Sunday to remain Gospel-centered. Let’s practice joy inside CCC so we can be practitioners outside.

I’m excited to teach. See you soon. Thanks for giving and creating critical events.



Weekly Giving | $33,522 11/26/2017
Weekly Need | $41,300

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