Nobody loves warm and fuzzy more than my wife, Sherry.  She has a high standard of soft.  Blankets and towels must be luxuriously fluffy, sheets must have high thread counts, and socks and sweaters must be silky smooth to meet her standards for tactile delight.

She associates Christmas  with those warm and fuzzy sensations she loves.  Sipping hot cocoa indoors while watching snow falling outside is nirvana for Sherry.  A Christmas tree lovingly decorated with sentimental ornaments gives her a sense of holiday euphoria.  A mall crowded with shoppers dressed in red and green sweaters, with Handel’s Messiah playing in the background, is perfect peace on earth for Sherry.  Whatever.


For so many of us, though, peace on earth is elusive during the holidays. Why is that,  when Christmas is all about Peace coming to heal our mess on earth?   Maybe we’re seeking the wrong kind of peace.  There’s hippie peace, .  We’ll be unpacking these four on Sunday.  None, however, is sufficient or lasting.

Is there a peace that surpasses these?

Our text on Sunday is Isaiah 9:1-7.  This text is the centerpiece of Handel’s Messiah.  The familiarity of verse six often gives rise to warm and fuzzy holiday sentiments:  “For unto us a child is born…”

But did you know that the surrounding verses are quite dark?  These verses ARE about a deeper kind of peace, but it comes on the heels of utter darkness.

What if real peace is tough for you to find this Christmas?  What if lesser pursuits leave you cold and in the dark?  Depression, for some, can sink in during the holidays.

On Sunday, we’ll uncover the answer.  There IS a peace that surpasses our futile efforts.  Those who have a deeper, richer, Gospel peace are called to point this out to others who need it.  If you’re looking for this kind of peace, you need the One who embodies peace.  Peace is a person.  Let’s worship Him on Sunday!

At our 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. gatherings, we’ll feature a string section to warmly usher in Christmas at Cumberland.  Come early so you don’t miss a note.

Interestingly, this Sunday is supposed to be cold, gloomy, and rainy.  Many lives during Christmas are the same.  It’s in this kind of atmosphere that a Gospel peace can come breaking through.   Make sure you grab onto some real peace this Christmas.

I’m excited to teach.  Hope you’ll bring a friend or two.



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