“We need to talk.”  Those can be ominous words, can’t they?  When a boss, a spouse, a fiancé, a teacher, a lawyer, or a pastor says, “We need to talk,” you’d rather go for a pumpkin spice latte instead.

On Sunday, we’re back in our “God in the Shadows” series.  We’re making our way through the incredible book of Romans.  I have been excited to teach the particular passage slated for Sunday.  Romans 8 is a classic.  Some think the New Testament book of Romans is the center gem on a beautiful wedding ring, and that Romans 8 is the sparkle.

I’ll be teaching through Romans 8:1-13.  It’s rich.  There’s a FACT, a HOW, and an OBLIGATION I want us to consider.  Months ago I entitled this message, “To Sin or Not to Sin.”  Does all of this make you yawn, in spite of my pastoral enthusiasm?  Does it sound a more bland than smokin’ awesome?

What if I told you that I changed my message title to “To Vote or Not to Vote?”  Does THAT intrigue you more?  What if I added, “We need to talk?”  Now things are heating up a bit, aren’t they?


Much has happened in our nation and world these past few weeks.  We have a new president-elect, and our divisions are deep and wide.  This is a real opportunity for the Church to show the light of Christ to all, but we need to talk.

How have you handled the election results—on Facebook, on Twitter, in your life group, in restaurants, and in grocery store lines?  Are you staying safely quiet?  Have you voiced your opinion to either gloat or protest?  Our response as Christians must be different from what we’re seeing daily in the news.  Has it been?  We need to talk.

On Sunday I want to talk about the election and dancing.  I hope that we will all gather—Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and everything in between—to be washed with the living and active Word of God.  Only within the Gospel can we find real answers that point to unity in our diversity.

Can you bring a friend on Sunday?  Am I going to be political?

Please bring as many friends as possible.  I’m going to be Gospel-centered because we have a gem of a text out of Romans 8.  I can’t wait.  There’s so very much at stake.  Let’s talk—and dance.

Blessings, Ya’ll!


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