Go Big or Go Home


“Go big or go home” is fun to say but maybe a bit frustrating to live.  Scotty McCreery wrote a book with the same title.  The subtitle reads: “The journey towards the dream.”  GBOGH initially pumps me up but is a hard motivation to sustain.

A mere 6% of high school seniors (1 in 16) will play football in college. Only 1.7% of senior football players in college (1 in 50) will get drafted by a National Football League team.  This means that approximately 0.08% of high school seniors (8 in 10,000) will eventually be drafted by an NFL team.  The NFL is “go big.”  So many have to “go home.”

Of all musical artists, 90.7% go undiscovered.  They get less than one Facebook “like” a day as they “go for the gold” record.  Fewer than 1.1% of all artists make it big, and yet they garner more than 87.3% of all artists’ “likes.”


GBOGH seems motivating on the surface, but GBOGH is so precariously dependent upon the power of ME.  And so often, that ME fails, and we have to go home.  It was the power of ME that walked us away from God’s shalom in the Garden of Eden, and then we couldn’t make it back home.

What if we could DNAGB–“Die Now and Go Big!”  With so very few actually going big and sustaining their bigness, and so very many going home as failures — what if our pursuit is all wrong?    What if the real way to go big is the exact opposite of the way we think it is?

What if we surrendered ourselves completely to the Gospel of Jesus, and let Him do Kingdom stuff through us?  DNAGB.  God’s Kingdom initiatives are always big because His job is big.  He’s rescuing and restoring the world.   What if the love of Jesus so ambushed us, that He was able to do way more than we could even think of?  What can your Kingdom imagination conjure?  What can your Gospel-absorbed heart dream?  Your ability to imagine and dream what God can do is directly related to DNAGB.

On Sunday, we’re diving into our final Game Changer visionary message.  What God-size thing does God want to do with a fully surrendered church?  With you?  Could it be that giving Jesus more fame and elevating His church is by far better than thousands of Facebook likes?   GBOGH requires constant work to gain approval and acceptance.  I get tired of this and just want to go home.  DNAGB relies on the work of the cross, which is already finished.  You won’t believe how fulfilling and energizing this really is until the Gospel work of Jesus has completely ambushed you.  DNAGB would start an incredible journey towards God’s plan for the nations.

Our text on Sunday is a big one:  Ephesians 3:14-21.  Let’s DNAGB.  Let’s dream and imagine big because HE has done great things in and among us.

Don’t forget that we have a Q&A session Sunday night at 6:30 concerning our Game Changer vision.

AND…if you haven’t gone through our 24/7 prayer lab, you really should.  I guarantee that you will have no regrets, and your hour will fly by.  I was richly blessed by the experience.

See you on Sunday at our 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. gatherings!



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