My AC drain pipe was leaking. I didn’t think much about it until a good friend said it was my emergency AC drain pipe. The water that had been leaking all summer was brown and turning my patio brown. “That’s a problem,” my friend suggested.

I thought the drain pipe was leaking more than usual, so I had put a handy-dandy garbage can ‘neath the pesky leak. All seemed well.

Nope. Brown water leaking from your upstairs, emergency drain pipe indicates the main drain line is clogged. I did what any red-blooded American pastor would do: I YouTubed it. Seems you have to wet-vac the clog in your main AC drain pipe. That didn’t work.

Many hours and much frustration later, I had installed 20 feet of new drain pipe from my attic to my basement. It was a plumbing debacle. It always is. Sherry always prays when I get my plumbing tools out. The culprit of the clog? Mud daubers. Geeesh.

Vision leaks too. When things are bad, vision can turn an ugly shade of brown and dismal. Vision can get clogged with the littlest of things. We can become sidetracked, distracted, or even lazy at times by any number of mud dauber-type problems.

Organizations and churches are always smart when they revisit things of vision. It’s good to clean out the pipes of any interferences that stand in the way or allow a vision to leak.

This Sunday we’re beginning a new series called “Redeemed Messy People.” We’ll be taking a four-week look at the vision of Cumberland Community Church. It’s vivid, and it’s Biblical. It’s also right for us to be reminded and challenged by God’s vision for CCC—lest it starts leaking.

If you’d like some advance reading, our text will be Ephesians 1:3-8 (with a particular emphasis on verse 7). The series lays out like this:
Sept. 16th – “Redeemed, Messy People”
Sept. 23rd – “A Lavish Feast”
Sept. 30th – “Purpose & Responsibility”
Oct. 7th – “More Tables” (Fuel Sunday)

As we continue to prepare for our big move to South Cobb Dr. and Church Street, revisiting our vision will keep the focus sharp on why we’re moving.

This is gonna be a great series, Cumberland. Don’t miss a week of it! I’m pumped to kick it off with you this Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. See you then…



P.S. – Please don’t forget to pray for those in harm’s way of Hurricane Florence. AND… keep lifting up our Douglasville campus. They will officially launch on Oct. 14th! Matt McGue and his team are killin’ it.

Weekly Giving: $51,451 09/09/18
Weekly Need: $45,714

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