When I was kid, sometimes my sister and I would go to a daycare. My great-grandmother usually kept us, but when she had a knee replacement, we needed someone to look after us for a few days. I remember it vividly. The food at that place wasn’t as good as my granny’s. There was no comfy couch and no TV. I even found myself missing her soap operas. But there was one tremendously huge perk that almost evened the scales: they took us swimming.

As we were getting ready to get on the bus to go to the pool, I observed another kid folding his towel. He wasn’t doing it right. It was actually all wrong. I could not in good conscience allow him to go on in such a manner, so I spoke up.

“Hey, man, you’re doing that wrong,” I said. I don’t remember exactly how he responded, but it was something along the lines of, “I’ll fold it any way I want.” And then I dropped the bomb that no one could ever refute: “But MY MAMA SAID…” Nothing he could have said or done would sway me from my towel-folding heritage and belief.

We speak a little more boldly when we know we’re backed up by a greater authority, don’t we? When we know we’re carrying a power that’s bigger than ourselves, we speak the truth more loudly. This Sunday, we’re going to look at a BIG TASK that Jesus dishes out to His disciples—both past and current. The task seems impossible, but take heart: we can have confidence that the authority in which we carry it forth is HIS.

This task matters greatly, as it’s kind of the point of everything we do under the banner of “the Church.” So pull a seat up to the table with us this Sunday morning, and we’ll talk about it. Oh, and don’t forget to pull up a chair for someone else, too!

See you there!

Britt Johnson
Student Pastor, Cumberland Community Church

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Weekly Need: $45,714

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