Got Flannel?

I have no dog in the hunt. I really couldn’t care less. I’m oblivious of my surroundings.

Of course, I’m referring to the Super Bowl’s invasion of Atlanta.

Once my dearly beloved Colts lost to Kansas City, I put away childish things and my Andrew Luck jersey – to try and move on with my life.

So on Sunday, I’m wearing flannel. It’s the color of no NFL football team. I’m declaring my independence. I’m pre-determining my reduced pulse rate in the fourth quarter because I don’t care who wins or loses.

I’m exhausted by the adrenaline spikes of the postseason. I’m tired of trying to be a proficient armchair quarterback. Nobody listens to me anyway. I need rest. I need to just sit back and breathe. So… I’m wearing flannel.

With all that said, if the evil Tom Brady is down by two and has the ball with two minutes to go—you can bet my engines will get throttled up. I hate that. Sometimes it feels like I can’t help myself. My pulse rate can so very easily get hijacked. My brain can whirl and my rest can be short-lived.

And I think THAT is killing us. We never stop. We’re killin’ it. Our work and lives are 24/7. Triple-shot espressos are how we keep things fired up. We take pride in less and less sleep. Climbing the ladder is heralded by everyone but our inner man or woman.

And it’s killing us. “If the devil can’t make us bad, he’ll make us busy.” Do you know who said that? I’ll tell you on Sunday.

On Sunday, I want to share what God’s been doing within my heart. It has a lot to do with rest. I believe the rest of us need the necessary work of finding rest in the Gospel.

Have too much on your plate? Are you going and blowin’? All revved up?

God wants you to stop. He wants some space to do the inner work we all need. Will you let Him? An incredible amount of significant life is at stake. Let’s rest on Sunday.

Our text this weekend is Isaiah 30:15. Take a break and listen. God is whispering to us. I’m excited (and, admittedly, a little too revved) to teach this Sunday. It’s been three months. Please pray for me—and wear your flannel. If we slow down and stop, we’ll be amazed at the revelation God will pour out in our lives.

Blessings and love,

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