Merry Christmas From The Scott Family

I’ve been on a quiet, steady, non-hyper search for a robe. I’ve browsed several frocks online and in person. I mostly see housecoats and bathrobes. I need a garment of love… a tender, relational covering of a robe. The robe I’ve been looking for must be just right. It’s gotta be softer than the “ultra” most robe marketing touts. Cost is extremely negotiable if the perfect robe is located. The task has been great, the labor nothing short of love. The robe will cover and love and absorb the love of my life. I would sacrifice much to see Sherry curled up in a ball, eyes closed, a slight smile of contentedness reflected, while wrapped in her very special robe. She’ll be ultimately wrapped in my love, and so I’ll smile as well. THAT would be a good Christmas!

The Bible talks much about a very special robe made available to us. It is raiment given as THE most special gift from Jesus. This one is unlike any other hanging on the picked through racks.

It seems our daily clothing gets quite tattered as we live in the distant land trying to save and justify ourselves. Our good works and obvious sin blunders all work inharmoniously to stain our attire like garage work rags. After wearing such tired clothing of humiliation, guilt, and pain, who wouldn’t want a new, special, just-right robe? Almost humorously, some prefer the old sweat pants and grossly stained sweatshirt scorned by spouses but consistently worn out of bad habit. We can do so much better.

The special robe made available is a glorious robe of righteousness. Look closely at the label. There’s a hand-written name written in crude Sharpie fashion. Jesus. It’s His, but wrapped up as a most precious gift for us.

This means something of tremendous, profound truth. If we wear Jesus’ robe, He had to take it off. He chose to wear something less so we could have something best. Jesus put on a robe of flesh, brokenness, and blood so we could wear His most perfect one. A King seems so misplaced in our clothing, but we finally find eternal contentedness in His. What he took off, we can put on. Our soiled, old covering of selfishness became his garb of a servant. His radiant robe, His work, His righteousness became ours to be covered and absorbed in.

Amazing. Now as God sees me wrapped in Jesus’ robe, He sees His Son. As God sees me curled up, eyes closed with relief, resting in peace — the Father is reminded of His Son. That’s Jesus’ robe I’m wearing. The Father sees Jesus when He sees me. I may still sin, but I’m not a sinner. The robe has transformed me into something blameless. The robe has changed my very nature and identity. The robe has made me holy while also making me holy. What a gift!

THIS is the incredible gift of Christmas. This most special robe is what the Christ child brings to earth. The baby lying in a feeding trough and wrapped in pauper’s rags has just given up His own robe. It’s wrapped and placed under the tree with our name on the package. Much has been sacrificed. You should open it. Put it on. You’ll be absorbed and covered in the love of a Father who has chosen and adopted you. You’ll be saturated in the Son who has served to free you. You’ll be empowered being immersed in the person of the Holy Spirit. Maybe you’ll even curl up, close your eyes, and reflect a slight smile of contentedness because you are wrapped in ultimate love. THAT would be a good Christmas.

This is our Gospel gift. This is your gift, my friend.

From all the Scotts & Cox’s, MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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“ Let me tell you how happy God has made me! For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and draped about me the robe of righteousness.”
– Isaiah 61:10

“God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.”
– Ephesians 1:4

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