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What a terrific holiday break my family enjoyed. Traveling to Indiana to Ohio and back to the ATL was a great break for my soul. Our time was so rich. Sherry and I mourned the kids returning to school.

But returning things back to a semblance of normal in a new year is always hard. Slow. Painful. To put one foot in front of the other can be incredibly challenging as a new year unfolds. Ask my kids about the mere walk to a school bus! Why is this?

It seems everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. I feel the pressure. The runners and walkers in our subdivision multiplies exponentially in January. Diet books in the self-help section of Barnes and Noble go flying off the shelves. It get’s a little crazy after a December of crazy. And… if I see Oprah doing another Weight Watchers commercial, I’m going to bust a gut (literal pun intended)!

new years resolutions

It’s a tough time of year to crank the ole personal motors. Bills from an over-indulgent holiday begin pouring in. Emails and messages covered by yuletide cheer have piled into a very necessary mountain, which cannot be ignored. I know all about that one!

Maybe resolutions of improvement are a good thing, but then again… only about 40% are sticking to things after six months. Do the initial feel-good aspirations out weigh the eventual depression of defeat. Aren’t you getting a little frustrated just reading this tedious, first, weekly email from in this new year??

Ruminating on completely first-world angst of a new year, I’m fully aware of how much the focus of my chagrin is centered on me. That being the case for probably most post-holiday blues, might I suggest another tact for 2016?

Would you consider seeing a vision beyond you? What would it take for you to be ALL IN in 2016 with a vision beyond you?

For the next two Sundays, we’ll be considering a grand vision by “Seeing Beyond You” as we study through I Peter 2:1-12. We’ll take an inside look at us and CCC, SO THAT we can take a proactive, visionary look beyond our walls.

I’m so excited to teach these next couple of Sundays. God is unfolding HIS Gospel vision at Cumberland, and I don’t want you to miss a single inch of Kingdom advancement.

And here’s where “Seeing Beyond You” is headed: We’ll be asking everyone to be ALL IN on January 17th. Then on January 31st, we’re going to fill the auditorium with the details of a five-year vision asking God for double impact. I hope you’ll plan now to join us.

Cumberland best days are in front of her. Let’ go! See you soon at the 9 & 11 a.m. services.



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