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I’m not sure I’ve used the familiar “use your inside voice” line on my kids. However, I’m quite confident I’ve shushed them a few times when the volume started to drift towards eleven. In fact, my younger two got a shush just last night when Trump and Cruz, at the Republican debate, went into attack mode on the value of New Yorkers. I had to hear that!

There are inside etiquette rules, but also definitive outside, acceptable manners. You would never hear the public address announcer shush the sea of red & black when Matt Ryan throws for a 70-yard touchdown. Admittedly, you also rarely see Matt Ryan throw for a 70-yard touchdown pass, and so fan shushing has never been a thing. (I’m kidding!!)

For a crazy, painted, team-colors-touting NFL fan to go a little crazy when the home team scores, makes absolute sense to us. In the real football world, outside voices are greatly encouraged by the scoreboard and public address announcer. Declaring your allegiance and living out your fanaticism is exactly what we do. Use your outside voice. Your team is in the playoffs for crying out loud. You are the twelfth man! Go crazy. It’s who you are.

September 30, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles fans cheer during first quarter action against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-US PRESSWIRE

Jesus chooses us. Adopts us. He changes us, makes us hungry, shows us what He is building, enables us to be priests, helps us keep the Gospel centered, and enlightens us to a world where everyone is building something. Jesus redeems us and buys us back from the curse of sin and death. It’s our identity. It’s who we are. Ever think we should use our outside voice with this stuff? German philosopher, Heine, once said, “Show me your redeemed life, and I might be inclined to believe in your Redeemer.”

There’s a new heaven and new earth coming for crying out loud. There’s great reason to declare our allegiance and live out our fanaticism with an outside voice.

On Sunday, we’re digging into our vision series called, “Seeing Beyond You.” This Sunday is part II — and it’s all about God’s leading beyond the CCC walls using our outside voices. How will Jesus find lost people because we are willing to declare and live? Our text is I Peter 2:9-12.

I trust you’ll come ready, Sunday, to be “all in.”
all in

We’re going to asking everyone to commit to our “ALL IN in 2016” vision.
It’s not about what you will do. It’s about asking Jesus to do these things through you.

I’m excited to gather with you and teach. See you at the 9 or 11 a.m. services, my friends!


p.s. – If you have never taken a spiritual gifts assessment, would you consider coming to our Spiritual Gifts class this Sunday night from 6-7:30? It will help you be ALL IN in 2016. All the staff will be there to help. Watch THIS VIDEO, and then you can CLICK HERE to sign up.
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