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Preparation is everything. Without it, whole cities come to a frozen crawl. Just ask the mayor of Washington, D.C. A couple nights ago, the city was blanketed by a couple inches of snow. The mayor admitted they had prepared poorly, and things were just an icy mess.

winter storm

Now D.C. is bracing for close to thirty inches of snow. Without decided preparation, the two inches of snow from a couple days ago will seem like a mere municipal hangnail.

On Sunday, we’re beginning our 7-week journey through a marriage series called “Jack & Jill.” There’s so much at stake with our preparation. Bank on it like an Al Roker forecast, the marital El Niños will most definitely come. How are you bracing for the onslaught?

We’ll start things off on Sunday with these questions: Why is marriage so often an uphill struggle? Why do we go uphill for water to quench our thirsty marriages?

Perhaps our template for marriage has strayed a bit from God’s design. Maybe a re-envisioning is in order. If we get back to God’s purpose for His original idea of marriage, maybe the storms can morph into beautiful ski slopes instead of cataclysmic disasters.

There’s a lot at stake with this new series. The Gospel will be front and center. Because of this, ALL will have potential to reap Godly benefit from our gatherings. Singles, divorced, teenagers, widowed, newly married, married and seasoned, and single parents each will have a stake to claim in our Jack & Jill series. I promise!

Joe Braun, our new Communications Pastor (along with Jacob Fry, our new videographer), helped film this little promo piece for our Jack & Jill series. CLICK HERE and give a watch. (it would be great if you shared it as well!!)

See you Sunday! Stay warm and safe in the mean time!!


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