a glimpse towards Sunday 1.29.16

Just about the time you’re checking into a motel room for a few days away, 20/20 comes out with another ultra violet light scandal. You’ve seen these programs before, right? Why do they always seem to air when you’re actually in a motel room? The ultra violet light exposes the nasty past of a room disguised by freshly made beds and toilet seat bands promoting “sanitized.” The undercover news program makes you squirm as you slide beneath the suspiciously named comforter. Weirdly, you begin to itch all over as you click “off” on the TV remote, and slip into REM sleep thinking, “Ridiculous…”

ultra violet light

This Sunday continues our “Jack & Jill” marriage series. I’m always amazed at how marriage series seem to stir our relational pools. Biblical marriage teaching typically shines light in dark places. Often these places are sanitized with happy faces and sad bedrooms lacking a Godly Comforter. The question becomes: Do you want to know what the light of God’s Word will expose in you and your marriage?

As we gather on Sunday, we’ll have a decided male focus with our text of I Peter 3:7. Guys, this might make you squirm a bit, but give it a listen. Don’t ignore the Light. Don’t hit the off button thinking it’s not for you. Don’t fall to sleep in your marriage or relationships! We have a specific, mountainous challenge for you this Sunday. It will be a healthy challenge for all men… young, old, single, married, divorced, struggling… or not.

And ladies of all categories, you’ll want to be taking notes too, and praying!

It will be great for us to gather on Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. I’m ready and excited to teach.

THEN… come Sunday night, I’d love to see our auditorium filled again. This is our Night of Vision. CLICK HERE to watch a one-minute encouraging video! We’ll have a light dinner at 5 p.m., and then we’ll head into the auditorium at 6 for an unfolding of God’s vision for CCC. We’ll be done by 7:30 p.m. Will you be ALL IN? I sure hope to see you back on Sunday night. (You know, there’s no football!!)

all in

Thanks for the encouragement and grace to be your pastor.


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