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Super Bowl 50 is all but here. Wow. Did you know there’s only one lucky guy with a recording of the very first Super Bowl televised on CBS and NBC? Troy Haupt’s father did an ahead-of-his-time video taping of the very first NFL championship. Neither CBS nor NBC retained any of their original broadcast recordings. Haupt has been sitting on this secret for years hoping the price would be driven to an all-time high. His lawyers believed he could possibly net $1 million smackers after Sports Illustrated said such a “lost treasure recording” would be highly sought after.

With the 50th anniversary of the big game rolling around, Haupt thought this was his year to make the big score. Not so fast, Mr. Haupt. With his fortuitous phone call to the NFL, the most the league offered was a pitiful thirty grand. This was nowhere near Mr. Haupt’s hopes and dreams of really “playing” in the big leagues.

Recently, Haupt was given an offer from CBS. They would interview the crowned holder of the treasured video tape, and give him $25K and two tickets to the Super Bowl. The NFL ordered CBS not to pay Mr. Haupt. Poor Mr. Haupt. Literally, poor, poor Mr. Haupt. What’s a man to do? Perhaps sell the tape to someone else? Nope… can’t do that either. The NFL owns all rights to all of their games, and a third party transaction would be illegal.

I wonder if instead of watching Super Bowl 50, Mr. Haupt will pop in the tape of the Green Bay Packers beating the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the very first Super Bowl. With his luck, the video machine would probably eat the tape. What’s a man to do?

What IS a man to do? When it comes to an awakening in marriage, what’s a man to do? What can a man do to lead and love and advance his most prized relationship? There are books of every shape, size, and color making offers to heat and pump things up into a fabulous marriage. One study recently revealed how kindness and shared joys are all a marriage needs to be great. Seasoned marriages know the “lost treasure” of a truly great marriage must even go beyond even such big league offers.

On Sunday, the wisest man who ever lived will give some sage advice for men (and women) on how to do marriage. Guys, can you take one more week of beat down? Our text is Proverbs 27:5-7; 17. I think you can take it. And ladies, you’ll definitely want them to. Trust me!

Let’s go, ya’ll! God is moving through our “Jack & Jill” marriage series. As redeemed messy people, we’re helping other messy people to the Gospel of Jesus — and THIS is THE key to a great, smokin’ marriage!

Grab your spouse and a few friends, and let’s gather at 9 & 11 a.m. this Sunday. We’re one week from Valentine’s Day. This will be a great tune up for some great romance!

Of course, we’ll also be celebrating Peyton Manning’s second Super Bowl win, even before the game starts. After all, everyone knows Peyton is God’s pick! (boom. Mic drop!)

See you soon!


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