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When you’re traveling through an airport, do you take the people mover? Do you defiantly walk and race others under your own power because you can AND you’re just not that lazy?

I take the people mover every time. I feel smarter as I out smart the health nuts trying to out maneuver with only physical fortitude. I beat them to the gate every time. And THAT is the goal.

However, sometimes there are those ridiculous people who get on the people mover, and just stand. They impede other’s (mainly my) fast-forward motion with incredible, lazy passivity. Such proclivity creates a blood pressure boiling activity deep within me.

people mover

A people mover works best when you let the conveyor belt do the heavy lifting, but you continue to walk as well. If you choose the people mover option and then simply stand, the folks on the outside operating out of mere flesh will punch their plane ticket before you every time.

On Sunday, we’re diving into the third component of our Gospel gift — the Holy Spirit. Jesus teaches how we can be saturated in the nature and character of the Holy Spirit as disciples. Matthew 28:16-20 points to our tri-fold gift including the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

But what is this Holy Spirit gift? Some Jesus followers attempt to operate only out of their flesh and get left behind. Others see the benefit of jumping on the potential of the Holy Spirit. They, however, simply stand in the power and never move forward with the Holy Spirit. Still some move and walk with the power of the Holy Spirit beneath them. It’s more the Spirit’s work than theirs, but they are still walking too. More and better ground is covered with such an approach. God moves people who move with the power of His Holy Spirit.

How does this all work? Let’s talk on Sunday. How does the Holy Spirit fit into Christmas? Let’s talk on Sunday! It’s all a part of receiving the Gospel Gift wrapped up by our Savior Jesus. Many have friends and family who need to hear these practical applications of the Gospel in their lives. Perhaps they’ve never be open to Jesus because a more compelling reason has never been given. I hope you’ll invite and bring someone along with you. It’s a great time of year to do just that. So many are receptive to hearing more about the Christ whose month-long birthday celebration is hard to avoid.

Our rockin’ band and choir will lead the way powerfully come Sunday. Christie Smith’s 180 video will be so good for all our souls. There’s something in the heavens and on earth for us to consider. I’m pumped to teach this third installment of our Christmas “Receiving the Gospel Gift” series. I’m looking forward to seeing you at 9 & 11 a.m. as we gather at Cumberland.

Blessings & Merry Christmas!


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