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Years ago, here’s how the whole worship wars went down in so very many churches.

As the era of Hymnal rule began to fade, video projectors starting lighting up many church buildings across America. By lighting up, I mean tempers and blood pressures were going up. Video projectors promoted heads lifted to sing new songs. Worship choruses were written by people who were still very much alive. Is there value in both ancient and modern forms of worship? Of course! But change of any kind can be tremendously hard. The worship wars through the 70’s to 90’s were a tremendous time of upheaval and change.

Unbelievably, some churches are still fighting this battle poorly. The real battle, however, is not with music or hymnals or video projectors. The battle centers more on what “I want” and what could be effective in connecting lost people to Jesus. The scriptural wrestling match centers on becoming all things to all people to maybe win a few to the Kingdom — or not (I Corinthians 9:19-23).

Churches who actually won the worship wars were motivated gatherings of Jesus followers willing to give up what they wanted in order to serve others. The challenge of Philippians 2:5-8 became the clarion call of Jesus doing THROUGH Christians what he had already done FOR them. It was service.

worship wars

The worship wars were won by people baptized in the name of the Son. Such victors had been submerged, plunged, and saturated with the nature of the servant Jesus. Folks who had been set free through Jesus’ service on the cross, began to serve others as an outpouring of love and worship. They won the worship wars.

This Sunday, we are continuing our three-part Christmas series called “Receiving the Gospel Gift.” Our gift is the Son. He came to serve us, and calls us now to serve. Will you come and be challenged? Will you bring a friend who needs to know what the Gospel gift really is this Christmas?

And BTW… we have a new parking team beginning to serve all of us. We are long overdue for this team to get up and running. We have needed to serve our guests better, starting in the parking lot. There’s a lot at stake with this team! As this team gets up and running, you may run into a few snags and difficulties. You may be accustomed to parking where you want to park, and now you can’t. Ugh. Apply Philippians 2:5 and serve our parking team right back with a smile, wave, and “thank you!”

You’re an awesome Church! Together we are the beautiful Bride of the One who gave us news of great joy that causes great joy. Let’s love, worship, and serve together. See you Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. I’m excited to teach!

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