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Some eleven million kids will open up a Christmas shoebox this year. Inside the really good boxes will be a soccer ball to inflate, a child-sized striped tee shirt, a flashlight with batteries, a new plastic cup, soap and a plastic soap dish with cover, a toothbrush with a toothbrush cover, colored pencils, a jump rope, sunglasses, and a harmonica. THAT would be a great Christmas shoebox! The child receiving it would be absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt elated. They will treat their well-traveled shoebox with the utmost care. The new shoebox owner knows how precious their gift is. They have received their Christmas shoebox with a joy that is mostly unspeakable, but also with a few uncontainable screams. As they find their way back to a 10×12 cardboard hut they call home, these kids know what they have in their hands. They could not be happier.

christmas shoebox

As a pastor, I often talk with people who don’t know what they have in their hands. In our great country and in our fair city, we have been given so very much. Do you know what’s in your hands?

I talk with spouses who readily throw away a life and family because they just don’t know what’s in their hands. Kids with loving parents will rebel when they lose sight of what’s been given them. So many reject or walk away from Jesus, because they just haven’t calculated the value of the Gospel gift they’ve been given.

What is the Gospel gift? It’s why we celebrate Christmas. The Christ child has come as a supernatural gift. Can you articulate the depth of the gift? If this Gospel, good news gift could actually be unwrapped, what would be inside? Do you know what’s in your hands?

I’m looking forward to December at CCC. Each week we’ll be unwrapping what the Gospel gift actually is. Have you received the Gospel Gift? We’ve settled for religion when there’s so much more. Our text for each Sunday will be Matthew 28:16-20. To worshipping, obedient doubters, Jesus explains what the gift of having God with and in us is actually all about.

THIS WILL BE A GREAT MONTH TO INVITE A FRIEND TO CHURCH. Perhaps you know someone who knows nothing about the awesome gift offered to them. We’re going to make things real clear this December as we celebrate the gift of Jesus.

The whole month will be capped off with very special Christmas Eve services at 4 & 5:30. Then on December 27th, we’ll not be meeting corporately. However, we will be handing out Church In A Bag bags starting this Sunday so you and your family or community group can meet, and have your own church service!

Maybe this Christmas, as we all open the true gift… we too will have unspeakable joy or maybe even a couple uncontainable screams. The good news is THAT good!

Can’t wait to be with you and teach this Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m.

Blessings Ya’ll,


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