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I hope this day after Thanksgiving has you saying, “Man, I love the holidays!” May the lingering affect of family gathered and expectations of another Christmas enable your neurotransmitters to fire on all cylinders and lavish your soul with eggnog flavored dopamine.

What ARE your expectations of Christmas? Warmth, giving, loving, family, friends, candy canes, and gingerbread houses may all be frontrunners on your holiday expectations list. Does Jesus make your yuletide potential list? Does the gospel cause expectation or yawns at Christmas?

christmas expectations

Christmas is the month-long celebration of the birth of the Gospel. News of joy that causes great joy has a birth date of December 25th. Do you celebrate this as a past event, an ongoing thing, or something to be focused on in the future? Perhaps the best answer is, “Yes!” Yes, we celebrate God coming to earth with flesh and blood. Yes, we celebrate what the good news of Jesus continues to do in all our lives. And, YES, we have moans, groans, and expectations of what a new heaven and new earth will look like with Jesus reigning as King.

Christmas, then, is everything people expect… but so much more. I encourage you to expect all the right things. If you’re lulled into anything less, you’ll be disappointed by the advertised more.

This Sunday, we’ll be kicking off the holidays at CCC with an insightful look at Luke 1:5-25. There were some in this passage who were lulled, and others who were called. You will experience either lulled or called too, depending on your grasp of Jesus. I encourage you and your friends to take in our gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m.

AND… don’t forget to surf onto www.spendless2givemore.org. Especially on this Black Friday — being a Kingdom giver instead of a mere Christmas shopper will place your expectations on the right path.

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