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My Chicago Christmas CDs just arrived. Those old rockers who cranked out “Saturday In The Park” can also do a mean “Little Drummer Boy.” Did I mention I bought two Chicago Christmas albums? One CD has all the songs of the other plus a few more. I call it a rock and roll, Chicago Christmas rip-off! I’m a little holiday flustered. It’s totally a first world problem.

One week from today, some 89 billion people will dive into the chaos of another first world problem. We lovingly call it BLACK FRIDAY. It sucks the warmth and love and meaning right out of Thanksgiving. Approximately $59 billion will be spent. On average, individual Black Friday shoppers will spend around $500 dollars.

black friday

Let’s think about all of this for just one ding dang second. The turkey from a wonderful holiday surrounding gratitude for all God has provided has not yet digested. Americans get whipped into a buying frenzy causing injury and police arrests. Red Kettle bell dingers will be reminding shoppers of the less fortunate as a month-long celebration of our Gospel-gift of Jesus and redemption ensues. One hyphenated word comes to mind. Rip-off! The flat panels marked down to 5 a.m., miraculous prices are not worth the plastic they’re encased in. Rip-off!

Our souls are being ripped off. We are robbing others and ourselves of God’s story transforming ours. As Christians, we are called to something more, different, and beyond our first-world selves. When will Jesus followers say, “Enough is enough?”

This Sunday, we’ll be finishing out our “E11even” series. We’ve faithfully and slowly trekked through the first eleven chapters of Genesis. This Sunday we’re wrapping up with Genesis 11:10-32 (and a little into chapter 12…). God’s story hinges on the calling of Abraham. We are called too. We have an immediate challenge in our hurting and confused world to live out our calling.

May we gather this Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. to challenge each other with our higher calling. On Sunday, may the Gospel saturate you enough to say, “I AM CALLED!”

Bring a friend or two. It’s going to be a great-but-a-little-chilly Sunday! I’m excited to be with you and teach.

Blessings Ya’ll,


Weekly Giving | 11.15.15


Special Gift $100,000.00

Weekly Need $33,000.00

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