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Perhaps a pastor should never be political. However, it’s Friday and I’m tanked on coffee. Let’s give’er a rip. My inbox is clear for new arrivals.

I’ve got concerns about Donald Trump. Mind you, my personal political concerns are on both sides of the aisle, but the Trump thing went a bit crazy yesterday with his stump rant. Have you heard of few of his sound bytes yet?

donald trump

Trump is for Trump. His tower is a monument to self and power. Trump becomes newspaper headlines because he’s iconic AND he’s running for president.

I’ve got monuments too. Gone unchecked, my house is an icon of self and power. My clothes. Car. Sermons. Heck… unchecked, my wife and kids can be trophies to ME. Alan, far too often, is for Alan.

What self-sufficiency tower have you built?

On Sunday we’re delving into the iconic Tower of Babel story. When’s the last time you sifted through the details of this classic? Do you know why it’s classic? It’s our story. So often we head East… away from God… and build what we want to build attached to our great name and glory. Adam’s broken blood runs through our veins.

What can we do to keep The Lord as our strong tower? Practical ideas will evolve from our 9 & 11 a.m. gatherings. Bring a friend for this one!

As we gather this Sunday, our text for this next-to-last installment of our “E11even” series will be Genesis 11:1-9. There’s application for our presidential candidates, America, you, and me.

Two cities are being built. Ours and God’s. One features no tears, sin, death, or goodbyes. Which one does your life and ambitions reflect? I’m excited to teach.

May I also remind you of our MUST Ministries food drive this Sunday? Here’s a great way to play into God’s Kingdom tower and not yours. MUST has a very serious deficit of food. THIS SUNDAY, would you bring to the pallet box in front of the church: Unexpired canned meat (chicken, tuna, ham); Peanut Butter; Jelly; Boxed dinners with meat; Spaghetti Sauce with meat; Chili; Beef Stew and Dried Potatoes?

Thanks Ya’ll. YOU are a great, great church looking for the City with sure foundations!



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