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God’s got a plan. Sometimes it’s tough to see. Other times, especially with 20/20 hindsight, it’s as clear as the Georgia blue skies we vaguely remember (anyone tired of the misty rain and fog yet?)!

My third daughter is a junior in high school. We get about 5 postal inquiries a day from colleges trying to recruit her. All the college mailers boast their solution to Morgan’s plan. They ALL have their own plan for Morgan’s plan. In fact, in reading the college promotion material, their plans for Morgan supersede her own plans and maybe even her right to exist! It’s amazing what you can fit on one over-sized post card.

What’s your life plan? Does accomplishing your plan require things to get broad or narrower? Think about it. If at the end of your life there is a huge rubber stamp saying “ACCOMPLISHED,” will you have approached broad, various, and multiple options? Or, will you have narrowed things down to be laser-like in your intentional efforts?

Do you believe God has a plan? Is it broad or narrow? Jesus was able to say, “It is finished,” at the end of his life. ACCOMPLISHED. Did the plan of Jesus include broad ideas or a narrow one?

god's got a plan

Now here’s an even harder question. Does your plan coincide with God’s plan? If God has a plan, is your plan supposed to fit His — or does God exist merely to make your plan successful? Another way to ask this is: Are we made in the image of God, or do we attempt at making God in the image we want?

All of this frames a big question we must wrestle with. We’ll be doing some wrestling and worship come Sunday. A rockin’ band and choir will lead us!

Our text this weekend is Genesis chapter 10. Take one glance at this chapter and you’ll yawn. In fact, there are some Bible commentators who insist preachers should not even preach from this chapter.

BUT… if all scripture is God-breathed and useful, how do we skip over this? If all scripture is living and active and never returns void, shouldn’t we dig a bit deeper to find even deeper truths? This Sunday we will. Our challenge will bring us to the fork in the road of God’s plan and ours.

I’m excited to gather with you and teach at our 9 & 11 a.m. services. It looks like the rain may subside a bit for our gatherings on Sunday. So… let’s do this Cumberland! Bring a friend who’s anxious about their plans. Prepare your own heart for what God’s plan may do to your own. We serve a loving Father who has a loving, grace-filled, EPIC plan.





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