a glimpse towards Sunday 10.30.15


What a crazy week. I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain. (Uhm, is that a song?) I’ve seen blessings and I’ve seen curse. Allow me to explain…

I was able to speak at a very healthy church last Sunday, while Kevin Cash was knockin’ it out the park here at CCC. Blessing. I had some great juice walks/talks with my smokin’ hot wife. Blessing. Dinners with the family and much laughter are always great. Blessing. The work God continues to do here at Cumberland… blessing.

But then, it’s hard to escape the curse.

I met with a distant ministry friend who unpacked his own raw brokenness. With a trembling spirit, my friend spoke of being an adopted son of the Most High God. However, he had also sinned against the same Father he loves. Jerry Bridges calls this not living in our daily experiences what we ARE in Jesus. Curse. It’s as old as time itself, and original with Adam & Eve.

After the eye-opening (if not popping) meeting with my pastor friend, I drove away with my own broken thoughts. “Man, I’m glad I haven’t screwed up like that guy!” BOOM. And there it is. Here is a vivid picture of my brokenness of doing and religion and earning my way into heaven by attempting to be good. Curse. My insulation of Christian music, books, friends, and a suburban bubble may have propped up my good efforts instead of the all-sufficient efforts of Jesus. My attempt at goodness is just as broken as my pastor friend’s fall from grace.

Curse. I feel like cursing for what God has revealed about me.

My best efforts are like dirty, filthy rags. Thank God for the cross. Thank God for my adoption and promised inheritance… exactly what my fallen friend clings to as well.

On Sunday, we’re going to struggle with our own brokenness. I’ll be unpacking Genesis 9:18-29. We’ll swim a bit in the tension between our identity in Christ and our broken sin nature. Blessing and curse. We’ll be driving to a deep, awe-filled time of communion. We’ll be extending a call for salvation from our broken, cursed world.

We’ll cover the gambit on Sunday. We’ll teeter between those trying to save themselves by being neck deep in the sin of a broken world, to those who try the good morals of religion. Both are broken. All need Jesus. Bring a friend, my friend. The Gospel is the answer. We’ll make a clear, clarion call come Sunday.

See you at the 9 & 11 a.m. services. Looking ahead to Sunday, it looks to be rainy on the outside, but God’s Word will reign on the inside as the Bride at Cumberland gathers.

Glad to be your pastor. YOU are a great Body of Christ.





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