Forgiveness is Costly… but worth it.

Gospel Works

There was a good conversation with some staff yesterday concerning the upcoming day to remember and celebrate the excellent work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

There was a conclusion that King desired his message of reconciliation to be contextualized into our everyday lives. MLK didn’t want everyone to become pastors and necessary front men to engage the good fight. King desired peaceful reconciliation efforts to be waged within the daily logistics of how we all live.

There are days and weeks where the daily logistics of life get a bit overwhelming. Currently, the Iran crisis has taken over the front-page headlines. On page two are stories of impeachment, Australia burning, Puerto Rico crumbling, Royals quitting, and Brad Rutter is losing badly on “Jeopardy! The Greatest of all Time.”

On Sunday, our “Gospel Works” series will continue by focusing on a specific area… a key logistic… that has the potential to help all of life’s problems. And if you think I’m referring to some ethereal, 30-thousand foot, impractical kind of an idea—you’d be wrong.

Our text is Ephesians 4:29-32. Our specific logistic we’ll be confronting is marriage. I’ll make the case that if we can get the marriage thing right, our world starts to see the real answer to all our problems.

How DOES the Gospel work within our marriages?

How’s your marriage doing these days? Hoping to get married? Disenfranchised by a failed marriage? Single and content? Not interested? Our text and focus will help us ALL with the daily logistics of how we should live.

I’m excited to teach and be with y’all at our Central campus in Smyrna. Last week, I had the great opportunity to be with our growing campus in Douglasville. Wow. What a great work God is doing through Matt & Sara Mcgue and our incredible Gospel-centered, multiethnic, outward-focused team at D’ville. If you haven’t been to their new building, you should check them out at 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning. CLICK HERE for a few more details.

See you on Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m. This second Sunday in January will be a great time to make some Gospel resolutions and marriage tune-up commitments.



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