Which Kingdom?

Remarking with Christmas wide-eyes, one little Great Britain boy knew all about the three Wise Men. “They brought some gold stuff… but Legos would have been better!”

It’s not just the little kids who have missed some things in the Christmas story. For example, and just to blow the cover of every nativity scene you’ll see, we don’t know if there were three Wise Men. Whaaaaat? We believe that because there were three gifts mentioned in scripture. The Magi saw Jesus 1-2 years after his birth, so the cattle feeding trough with lowing cattle and smelly sheep was long gone. The Wise Men, the Bible says, came to a house. Does that ruin any of your warm, tried-and-true Christmas decorations?

What we do know about the Wise Men was how they exuded great joy when they came upon Jesus. They surrendered to a greater King and bowed down in worship. They gave lavish gifts fit for a King, a Priest, and for burial. And in the end, they obeyed. THAT is how the Gospel works in terms of appropriate response to such good news. How have you responded?

But in Matthew 2, some people responded differently than the Wise Men. Wrongly. They chose a different kingdom. They pursued a selfish kingdom instead of a surrendered Kingdom.

The real question is: What kingdom have you chosen? There is a selfish kingdom, and there is a surrendered Kingdom. Which kingdom have you chosen?

On Sunday, we’ll continue seeing how the Gospel Works in and through Christmas. We’ve seen how the Gospel works through a teenager, smelly shepherds, and coming Sunday… a King.  You’ll actually see two kings in Matthew, chapter two.

One king gives a master class on how the Gospel doesn’t work.   Sometimes knowing how the Gospel doesn’t work sheds new light on how it does.

I’m excited to teach and gather with you at 9 & 11 a.m. We’re praying for guests and your friends to join us. All will hear the Gospel within the great Christmas story that so many are rightfully celebrating.

I hope to see you and your friends at Cumberland this Sunday.

Blessings My Friends,


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