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Just Like Elijah
“How To Sort Through Friends And Not So Much”
July 22, 2012
Alan Scott (lead pastor, CCC)


Name your bestest bff forever friend… for ever.   Why did you name that person?   What one story reflects the totality and importance of this friendship.  How has this friendship deposited into your life?  Can you name a friendship that was a withdrawal?

Read I Kings 19:19-21:29 (I know that’s a long passage!!!).  What do you make of the many personalities?   What, if anything, was God trying to show a depressed, isolated Elijah?

How important are alliances to you?  How careful are you in choosing friends?  Explain your intentionality or lack thereof.   Do you usually ask where someone is going before you align yourself with them?  How might this have saved you from trouble in your past?

Give one-word descriptions of the story characters in our text.  Now think about the many people in and around your life.  What one-word descriptions would you place next to their names?   Who is depositing into your life, and who is does not?  What advice would you give someone who is being led down a bad path or destroyed by the people around them?  What would Jesus say to such a person?

Who is wanting to align themselves with you?  What are you offering?  How are you depositing or making withdrawals?  Is your large gospel story attracting people?  If so, how?   How do your alignments fit into Jesus’ command to make disciples?  Does your life look attractive to others, and is the attraction Jesus’ Kingdom now?

Often times there is great awareness that alignment has not been a priority, and difficulties or sins have resulted.  Who in your community group needs healing prayer towards this?  How will your community group become an attractive faith community where people want in and want aligned with you?  Is there room?

Have your community group write a pact of gospel attractiveness that will be lived out so others will want to be aligned.

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