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It’s incredibly easy for me to pull up great memories of Mike and Ken.  They were my two best friends in high school.  Both of my friends came from great homes with solid foundations and marriages.  Ken’s mom and dad took me in and fed me a lot of food.  Both Mike and Ken’s folks encouraged my faith as well.  Looking back, I think they understood what I was experiencing subsequent to my parent’s divorce.

Ken and Mike were both starting varsity basketball players.  I was not (sigh).  I was cruelly cut.  It was the deepest of sports cuts, and so ended my brief trek towards the NBA.

At every home basketball game, Mike and Ken were announced as the starting guards.  The small town crowd went nuts.  In the pandemonium that is high school basketball, my best buds would turn to the student section and point intensely at me.  Then they would high-five each other.  With that the pep band went into a rousing rendition of Hawaii Five-O, and another night of basketball was ignited.  I will never forget those moments.  They shaped me.  They deposited into my soul.

There is one memory that never fails to put a smile on my face.  I was driving my ’69 Rambler which bragged a front bench seat.  Mike was sitting next to me, and Ken next to Mike.  We were all in the front seat enjoying life with crank down windows.  Ken saw an ex-girlfriend of mine coming at us, and decided to duck down into the floorboard.  The only thing Miss Claudia saw as she passed was Mike sitting weirdly too close to me.  Too funny!

How critical are the friends we keep or lose?  The Bible says friends and iron are similar because they sharpen each other.  However, bad friends… the Bible also says… corrupts good morals.

On Sunday, our prophet, Elijah, will teach us another Kingdom lesson on the importance of who we align ourselves with.  It’s quite a chunk of scripture we’ll be dealing with.  I Kings 19:19-21:29.   It’s actually one incredible story that I can’t wait to creatively tell.

Who has influenced your life?  Who currently is?  Some people will make Kingdom deposits into your soul, and others will withdrawal.

BTW… who is aligning themselves with you?  Who is currently attracted to how you are living?  Let’s talk about that also when we gather on Sunday.  AND… this would most definitely be a great Sunday to bring a friend.  🙂


(p.s. –  What a GREAT week of VBX we had.  Wow.  Sunday will be the final day for our exploration invasion.  Thanks to ALL our VBX volunteers!)

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