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Just Like Elijah
“Should A Jesus Follower Deal With Depression?”
July 15, 2012
Alan Scott (lead pastor, CCC)


  1. How can you tell when someone is bored?  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done because of boredom?   Do you agree with a pseudo-mathematical equation that says:  boredom + expectations = depression?  Why or why not (and how has this worked or not worked in your life)?
  2. Read I Kings 19:1-18.  Why can most relate to Elijah in this passage, but not necessarily in chapter 18?   What are the many components causing Elijah to deal with depression?  What do you think is the root cause?
  3. How did God deal with Elijah’s depression?  How is the like or unlike most people’s approach to the same problem?  How have you managed bouts of depression in the past?  Who in your spheres of influence is struggling with dark aloneness?
  4. Is it right or wrong or Christians to be depressed?  Explain.  In what way can this question be answered with legalism, and with grace?  What do you think Jesus would say about our depression (can you give a scripture reference in support)?
  5. Can you articulate how expectations play powerfully into depression?  How has this been the case in your life?  What should we do with our expectations?
  6. What is the bigger story of the gospel?  Can you explain this?  How does this help us with expectations and depression?  What does God want you to see in relation to your expectations?  Who in your life needs to understand the epic story of what God is doing?  Why do we neglect or forget this story of restoration?  How can your community group help you with this?
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