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Good Friday morning, ya’ll!  I’ve awakened to overcast skies.  What’s up with this?  It’s summer so there should be sunshine.  Sometimes (if not all the time), the condition of overhead skies can determine the demeanor of my soul.

There’s a coolness to this early morning air reminding me of cool, crisp, overcast Fall days in Indiana.  During the months of November through February, low, dark, overcast skies are the norm — and so were bouts of depression by people filing into my office for counseling.

What causes depression… burnout…mood disorders…the blues?  More importantly, how do you deal with the low, dark clouds of life?

I told Sherry this morning that I was depressed.  She asked why.  I remarked my task was to write an email about depression.  She rubbed my shoulders, shook me a bit, and said, “Don’t be like that!”

Is THAT the answer?  Does a good shaking remedy the problem?  A pill?  Counseling?  What about a little dose of sunshine?  And here’s a really good question:  Does the Bible give any advice on the subject?  How can God help us with depression?

We need to figure this one out.  In any given six-month period, over 10 million Americans deal with depression.  Prescription drugs are not only the commercials of our lives, their name brands have become part of our current vocabulary (Paxil, Zoloft, Cymbalta, and Abilify).

To some level with varying levels of frequency, most struggle with this debilitating problem.  On Sunday we’re going to face it straight on with a great text from I Kings 19:1-18.  Our mighty prophet, Elijah, dealt with a severe case of depression.  Elijah WAS a man just like us.

Let’s gather Sunday to lift up Jesus, and encourage healing.  This will be a very practical Sunday.  Bring a good friend…

Blessings Ya’ll,



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