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Just Like Elijah
“My God Is Bigger Than Yours”
July 8, 2012
Alan Scott (lead pastor, CCC)


  1. Name a current passion in your life.  How did this passion become a part of your life?  What is the weirdest passion, hobby, or interest you’ve ever heard of?  When does a passion become an obsession?  When or how does an obsession become a god?
  2. Read I Kings 18:16-46.  Have you ever heard this story before?  What did you notice for the first time that you may have never seen before?  Can you give context as to what’s happening with Elijah and the nation of Israel?  Where would you place yourself in this story?  How do you see Elijah’s incredible story being applicable to today’s western church?
  3. Define Baal worship.  Is there anything relevant for us in your definition?  What are the earmarks of Baal worship?   What happens when someone wavers between Baal worship and God?  Do you know anyone affected by such wavering?  Have you ever been?  Explain.
  4. What comparisons can you make between Jehovah God and the little “g” gods of this world?  How has religious tolerance kept us from comparing?  What do you think the effects of such tolerance have been?    Who in your life needs a clear and powerful explanation of Jesus being the only true God?
  5. Where do you see Jesus in this fiery story of Elijah?  Why do you think God is seen as an all consuming fire in Elijah’s experience (I Kings 18:38)?  How might Luke 12:49-50 be applicable to the Mt. Carmel story in I Kings 18?
  6. Read Elijah’s prayer in I Kings 18:36-37.  How would you rewrite this prayer in your own words?  In what ways is this prayer a declaration of One true God?  How much does Elijah’s prayer echo your own (or not)?  What can your community group pray for you concerning the application of this study?  Who or what is at stake?


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