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Over the years, I’ve been obsessed with many things.  Baseball cards got the best of me in the 1960’s.  Fortunately, a pack of Topps cost the same as the deposit on a glass Coke bottle.  I remember those grocery store exchanges as the magical economics of a golden age long gone.

Then there was tennis.  This obsession swept in an almost ruined my life.  In 7th grade, I asked my parents if I could quit school to singularly focus on my court skills.  Bjorn Borg did, and it seemed like the right path for me as well.  Fortunately (again) my parents prevailed and my education continued.  This was a good thing, because my professional tennis days never did quite materialize as I had hoped.  I’m confident Bjorn was relieved.

Sometimes our obsessions turn a weird corner, and they become little “g” gods.  Our passions and interests no longer serve us, but we start to serve them.  It’s tough for folks to admit, but we can begin to perform and function in ways that will attempt to awaken, please, and retrieve blessings from gods with names are familiar to most:  money, happiness, sports, cars, houses, jobs, and even religion.

What do you do when your obsessions become your master?  What course of action does someone take when their little “g” god doesn’t respond in reciprocal ways?  How can such obsessions begin to cripple the whole of your life and soul?

Elijah would say we are wavering between two opinions, and it’s forcing us to limp around and walk on spiritual crutches.  Elijah would force a show down between false, weak gods and the One true God.  Elijah would use fire as THE determining factor in such a spiritual gun sling.

Do you feel like a spiritual cripple most of the time?  If your journey with Jesus often feels lame, weak, and propped up on crutches… maybe Elijah still has something to say for today.

On Sunday we’ll be diving back into I Kings 18:16-46.  Would you take a brief, advanced look in preparation of our gathering?  What a great, grand story of the Old Testament.  I think you’ll be surprised and energized by what God has to stay to all of us this weekend.  Bring a friend… and any old baseball cards you have lying around.  Some obsessions can linger.

I can’t wait to teach this one.  It will be good to be back with you.




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