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Just Like Elijah
“Sacred or Secular, Light or Dark, One God or Many”
July 1, 2012
Kevin Cash

Read 1 Kings 18:1-16

  1. It’s been three and a half years since Elijah had gone toe to toe with Ahab and Jezebel.  How do you think he’s feeling about getting back in the game?  Anxious? Excited? We often have seasons in our own involvement in God’s Kingdom mission.  Where do you see yourself right now in terms of your own involvement?  In an exciting time of impact?  In recovery mode?  Praying about next steps?
  2. When we look at Obadiah we get a mixed impression.  On the one hand we are twice told that he saved some of the prophets from Jezebel’s attempts to kill them off.  But we also see him as somewhat hesitant to fully engage with Elijah in confronting Ahab.  How do you reconcile these two sides of Obadiah?  Would you consider him a strong example of what it means to follow God or an example of someone who is deficient in their faith?
  3. We are all tempted to look in to the “pantry of life” and find for ourselves God substitutes.  What are the things that most frequently catch your eye . . . the things that your heart wants to believe will bring contentment and joy?  Possessions? Career accomplishments? Relationships?  Family circumstances?
  4. Obadiah seems to be struggling to trust God in his situation.  But Elijah responds not be encouraging Obadiah to trust God but instead by assuring Obadiah that he could count on Elijah to “show up.”  Do you think Elijah missed an opportunity to help Obadiah?  Does that reveal something of Elijah’s heart?
  5. The things in life that we substitute for God are not always bad things.  What practical steps can you take to make sure that the “good things” in life don’t become the things to which you look for satisfaction of your own spiritual hunger and thirst?
  6. Read John 7:37-39.  What does it look like in practical day to day living when rivers of living water flow from our heart?  What is the impact on those around us?


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