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Maybe I’m an anomaly, but I have to admit, I actually enjoy going to the grocery store.  Maybe because I love food so much… I don’t know.  I really do enjoy shopping for groceries, but I know most men don’t.  The stores can be rather overwhelming.  It can be hard to find everything you need.  Most men don’t shop with a shopping list or coupons, so even the resources that make grocery stores managable are foreign to most men.  Therefor, we may walk into the store to get a specific item, but walk out and totally forgot the one thing we went to get!

Along comes a genius store in New York that creates a “man aisle” in their store.  This section has, you guessed it, barbecue needs, hot sauces, beer, cereal, soda, beef jerky, condiments and chips.  What more could we ask for?  Men are grab-and-go kind of people, and it’s all right there!  Less distractions, cut to the chase.

Sunday we are looking at Elijah’s final days here on Earth, and it’s quite a unique and odd story.  God has him going all over the place, but Elijah has this focused resolve to not be distracted.  Even Elisha, who is given chance after chance to change his priorities stays committed to staying by Elijah’s side.  There are a lot of great pieces in this story and I look forward to being with you again this Sunday!

-Chris Case

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