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EPIC | “Hanging Out With Jesus”
November 11, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


Can you name someone you used to hang out with, but don’t anymore?  What happened?   Why were you hanging out in the first place?  Was it a matter of somebody wanted something, or did you just enjoy spending time together?

Read Mark 3:7-19.  Can you explain what is happening in this section of scripture?  Why did the large crowds want to be with Jesus?   What were the differences of the crowds wanting to be with Jesus and the 12 Apostles?  What’s your motivation to be with Jesus these days?

Do you think church growth is about Jesus or his stuff?  Explain.  Where is CCC in your thoughts?

What is the difference between church growth and church advancement?  What determines which path a church will pursue?  What path are you most intrigued by?  What path (church growth or advancement) do you want?

Can you explain the meaning and weight behind Jesus renaming his 12 Apostles?  Do you have any guess on what name Jesus might have for you?  How can you find out what that powerful name is?

Who in your circles of influence need to hear truth from this text… and why?  What application do you need to exercise from this text?  How can your community group make sure your on a path of discovering your “white stone” (Rev. 2:17) name?  What should you do, right now, as a result of this study?

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