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The alarm was set for 1:20 a.m.  When it actually went off, I was in such a deep sleep.  The first frost outside was making it a three-blanket night on the inside.  Why on earth would I crawl out from my toasty cave at now… 1:25 a.m.?  It was dark.  The house was quiet.  There really was no good reason to kick off the covers and roll out of bed.

Except… it was our 24/7 week of prayer at CCC, and I had signed up for the 2 a.m. Friday slot.  I threw on a quick change of clothes, and donned a baseball cap to make my way.  The good news to my early morning struggle was that traffic is a non-issue at 1:30 in the blessed a.m.

As I crept through the auditorium doors, I saw movement of two other folks who had taken earlier time slots.  Other than my two praying friends, the auditorium was boasting a holy quiet.  Thoughtful worship music floated softly from the balcony.

Because of our staff retreat earlier in the week, this was the first time I had been able to make it to our 24/7 prayer labyrinth.  As I moved through the twelve stations, I was struck by the amount of people who had come through this creative prayer experience this week.  The sheer number of written prayers staggered my heart and mind.

At the very last station, the guest book was filling up with words and sentiments of people who had met God in a very special way.  I loved reading the comments.  They were raw and dripping with the very fragrance of Jesus having just been in His presence.

What makes people do an hour of prayer during a 24/7 prayer week?  I suppose people might want something from Jesus, but others, perhaps,  may just want Jesus.  I know there are many who want His stuff, but real followers want Him.

Where are you on this relational continuum with Jesus?  Need His stuff, or just Him?

This Sunday we’re taking on a passage of scripture (Mark 3:7-19) that has some folks wanting something from Jesus, and others just wanting to be with Jesus.  Guess which group Jesus lands on to really build his Kingdom?  In fact, Jesus seems to throw church growth strategies to the curb, and pursues deeper ways to advance His Kingdom.  We’ll also consider whether CCC is pursuing church growth or Kingdom advancement.

I hope you’ve had time in the 24/7 prayer labyrinth this week.  I believe such intentional effort may set you apart from those who just want Jesus’ stuff.

Do you think we should go for another week of 24/7 prayer and make it two in a row?  Would more people take advantage of it?  Let me know…

See you Sunday.  I’m excited to teach and be with you.


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